Children's Day Celebration

On the 12 th November, 2016, The Tribhuvan School, Patna celebrated Children’s Day with great enthusiasm. The day started with morning assembly in which the prayer, news headlines and song were presented by the teachers. This was followed by a cricket match between teachers and students. The match was won by the teachers’ team and everybody enjoyed it thoroughly. After a short break the students of class XI th swapped roles with the teachers of the school and conducted classes. Ayushi of XI th B played the role of Principal of The Tribhuvan School. Other students became the coordinators and the teachers of various subjects. When Ayushi was asked to share her feelings as The Principal of The Tribhuvan School, she said that she felt the job of Principal is very easy. She just has to sit in her chamber and enjoy. But after stepping in her shoes for the day, she realized that it was not as easy as it appeared as the Principal is answerable for any happening or mishappening in the school. When she was asked about one thing she would incorporate to bring about an improvement in school, she said that the focus should be on discipline. Students should be respectful and obedient towards their senior and any student found misbehaving with them should be penalized. When asked how she felt personally, she said as the Principal for the day, she felt proud but it was hectic. However, what was she actually feeling was clearly conveyed by the look in her eyes and the smile on her face.