Fancy Dress Competition

The Pre- Primary wing of The Tribhuvan School celebrated the Independence Day on 8th August, 2016, Monday. This day was celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm. A Fancy Dress Competition was organised for the children in the Pre – Primary block. The theme for the fancy dress competition was my Favourite Freedom Fighter/ My Favourite leader. The students came dressed up in their costumes for the competition. The programme started with a welcome speech which was given by Ms. Shweta and Ms. Shubra. The students came one by one and performed on the stage. Towards the end of the programme Vote of thanks was given by our respected Coordinator Ms. Aarti Sharma. She also announced the winners of the fancy dress competition

Winners of the Fancy Dress Competition were

Sl.No. Name Grade Section Position 1 Mayank Suman Nursery A I 2 Vanshika Shandilya Nursery A II 3 Advita Nursery A III 4 Parineeti Thakur Nursery A III 5 Vanya Nursery A III 6 Raj Nandani Prep A I 7 Gaurmann Sharma Prep A II 8 Tejasveer Prep A III 9 Kaustubh Singh Prep B I 10 Vriti Singh Prep B II 11 Aradhya Singh Prep B II 12 Vedant I A I 13 Bhavya I A II 14 Annika Deep I A II 15 Anisha Anand I B I 16 Archit Acharya I B I 17 Kazania Anand Mishra I B II 18 Naayra Anand Pal I B III 19 Shreyash I C I 20 Siddharth Singh I C II 21 Aditi I ClII