From The Vice Principal's Desk

Dear Parents

The Tribhuvan School has completed three years of helping students to develop a sense of self, helping them to seek understanding, not just knowledge. The experience has been very encouraging and fulfilling. We are entering a new phase where we will be sending out our students to take on the challenge of competing against the best of the best for their place in the world. Children are the worlds future and I believe the best way to influence the future is to nurture the children in a manner that they become global leaders. We all know that each child is unique, having special talents. We want to create opportunities for each child and empower our students through our holistic approach to teaching and learning.

Keeping this in mind certain systematic changes have been brought about in our curriculum implementation. The Tribhuvan School has started Academic Enrichment Programme in various subjects, sports and cultural activities by allocating two periods at stretch for this.

From this session onwards we are starting with Remedial Classes for our slow learners and Enhancement Classes for our fast learners during school hours.Our Learning and Performance Framework is being moulded in such a manner that it focuses on developing in children the knowledge and skills to live and work across cultural and national borders as global citizens.

We want to form strong and effective partnership with our students, staff and parents by sharing with them the insights and practices in our school. Thus we are forming a WhatsApp group of each class with the number of each parent of that class. This WhatsApp group will be like a notice board where parents will get information about all the activities, evaluations and parent-teacher meetings being held in the school.Education has a ripple effect. One drop can initiate a cascade of possibility, each concentric circle gaining in size and travelling further. I thank all of our teaching and support staffs who have invested so much of themselves and their tremendous expertise in creating those ripples of learning in the lives of our students.

I on behalf of The Tribhuvan School want to thank the parents for sending their most precious gifts to us so that we can train these young innocent minds who in turn will shape the future of society.

With Regards

Ms. Archana Raj