Interaction with the Vice-President

Seven students, Pakhi Preetam, Shamita Renu Sinha, Chenab Sahi, Prateek Kumar, Shabal Akhouri, Vanshika Kaushik, Kavya Rai of The Tribhuvan School, had a very educative interaction with the Vice-President, Shree Md. Hamid Ansari, an erudite scholar and Parliamentarian at 6, Maulana Azad Road, New Delhi, on 17th October 2014 at 12:00 hours. It was a dream come true for the students which was made possible by the Management of The Tribhuvan School.
The school has a commitment towards excellence as it has been named after Shree Tribhuvan Prasad Singh, the first ICS officer from Bihar. The Tribhuvan School believes in the holistic development of the child and therefore the school offers a wide range of experiences and activities that enable students to discover and hone their inherent potential, talent and develop well rounded personalities.Such experiences organized by the school are a step in that direction. The Tribhuvan School reiterates its commitment to excellence, moving away from standardization and conformity and personalizing educational experiences for every child in school.
The session witnessed a variety of questions from the students ranging from the main challenges facing the India Economy to overseas employment and India being a Non Violent superpower today and its position in the global context.
The question posed by one student was,’Sir,you were our ambassdor to the United Nations.Conflicts in the world have only increased,do you think that the United Nations needs to be reformed to meet the challenges.’To which he replied,’The United Nations has to be reformed because it has to be a representative of the world.It was formed in 1945,since then nothing has changed.Many Asian and African countries do not have any representation in it.Its purpose is to end conflicts in the world.We can work together and cooperate with each other.We can compete but not in a destructive manner.’
The next question was,’ the new government has taken some challenges to clean cities, clean rivers,clean homes.This needs a change of mind and attitude.How do you think schools can bring this change? He said the change will come when every individual changes his mindset.We, Indians have strange habits, we believe a lot in personal hygiene.We take bath everyday and clean the ‘rasoi’ too,but Dump the garbage outside the house on the streets so each of us have to cooperate and be responsible.The next question was,’when we watch television,we often see that there is a huge commotion and disruption in the parliament so as the Chairman of the Rajya Sabha,how do you manage this disorder? He spoke,’I wish I knew! There are two things,the commotion is on purpose,not accident,they make a noise to put their point of view.We have a system to discuss urgent issues,we give them three minutes to speak and after that the microphone goes off! The Honorable Vice-President enjoyed giving answers to the students and was impressed by the curiosity of the children who were fielding questions with great zest and vigour.
The students were fortunate to get an opportunity to meet the Vice President which they would cherish for the rest of their lives.