Class Presentation (Prep)

" Class Presentation Of Grade Preparatory" 

Grade Preparatory was not far behind as they had their class presentation on the afternoon of 5th October 2018. 

‘Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn.’ 

The eager parents arrived in school well before the time so that they would not miss any part of the presentation. They were ushered by the grade I students lined up with colourful pompoms on the both sides of the path which led them to the venue of the event. The power point presentation was on and the parents had a treat watching their youngsters’ daily routine in school.

A warm welcome to the parents by the class teacher marked beginning of the event. Thereafter Headmistress was called upon by the teacher to address the gathering, who expressed pleasure at the effort of the parents to attend the class presentation of their ward on a working afternoon and handed over the stage to the excited preparatorians. 

The narrators of the presentation welcomed the audience and made them aware of the theme ‘Community Helper’ on which their presentation was based. The stage was decorated to give a complete ambience of a town; there were posters of hospital, bank, mall even a model of school was present. The event started off with a prayer dance by the students invoking the blessings of their gurus. The students looked charming as they descended on the stage with their bright smiles and beautiful costumes. The graceful and coordinated movements of the dancers earned them a loud round of applause. Subsequently there was a skit presented by the children on different community helpers like doctors, firemen, teachers, drivers, conductors etc…... Through the skit the students communicated the importance of the daily helpers and the dependence of the society on them. They also communed to the viewers the respect that these helpers deserved from us. The musical element in the play enhanced its essence. The play ended with children wearing head gears of letters and coming together in a synchronised manner to form the words ‘COMMUNITY HELPERS.’ This drew a thunderous applause from the parents. The narrators further invited the Principal to give the vote of thanks. The Principal Ms. Mahua Das Gupta acknowledged the efforts of the students as well as the teachers on presenting such a wonderful programme and thanked the esteemed guests for taking out their precious time from the busy schedule to attend the class presentation.