Class Presentation Of Grade-1

‘Free the child’s potential and the child will transform into a world.’ .
The class presentation of class I was held on the next day 6th October 2018. It was very important day for class I students. .
The parents of class one students arrived at the venue in time. Their eagerness could be felt as they were seated and keenly watched the power point presentation specially prepared for them. The PPT consisted of the daily routine of the children from the moment they arrive in school till the time they board the bus homewards.
When the PPT ended, the class teachers extended a warm welcome to the parents and requested the Headmistress to say few words. The Headmistress spoke on the effectiveness of the parent teacher partnership which was beneficial in growth of a child and handed over the stage to the eager students of grade I who were impatient to showcase their talent in front of their parents.
The confident speakers of grade I took over the stage. The presentation started traditionally with sombre Guru Vandana in form of dance presented by the students. Then the speakers introduced the topic of the presentation ‘Stay fit eat Healthy.’ Thereafter the students enacted a scene of the class room where the teacher taught about adjectives. To emphasis the describing words the children presented a rhythmic dance on the song ‘my teacher is beautiful….’ The sweet melody and the finger snapping beat brought a huge round of applause from the audience. Next came a skit on ‘junk food verses healthy food’. The confusion in a child’s mind regarding junk food and healthy food was beautifully potrayeds through a tug of war between the healthy and junk food. The play also had the comic and musical element which added more life and fun to it. Consequently, through a skit student depicted the concept of ‘tens and ones.’ They showed the audience by using ice-cream sticks how they were able to master the concept. Then came the Hindi class representation. The students recited a poem on carrot which accentuated the importance of healthy food in one’s life. The presentation ended with a foot tapping number ‘little bird….’ The children danced all around the stage without making a single mistake which left the viewers spellbound and motivated them to encourage the little buds by applauding them. During the vote of thanks, the impeccable performance showcased by the students of grade I was highly appreciated by the Principal Ms. Mahua Das Gupta. She also applauded the teachers’ effort on putting up a great show. She thanked the parents for supporting the school in such activities by being present and giving their precious time for the occasion.