Special Assembly on Dussehra

Good Always Triumphs Over Evil. And the Victory Continues… 

Today there was fervor of festivity in the air as the entire junior wing assembled to witness the special assembly. The students of grade III to V presented a scintillating assembly on Dussehra as an opening shot to the festive season. They presented scenes from the Ramayana. The play stated from the time where Sita was abducted by Ravana. The entry of hanuman had the children clapping in delight. They even depicted the battle between Ram and Ravana. The play ended with Ravana being killed by Ram. There where slogans of ‘Jai Shree Ram’ and ‘Jai Hanuman’ where in the children joined in with great enthusiasm. The narrator emphasized on the values learnt from the various characters. The surprise element came when the nine beautiful manifestations of the Goddess Durga was presented by the teachers. As the children had not expected something like this they were awestruck to see their teachers performing on the stage. The entry of the demon king ‘Mahishasura’ had the children up on their feet. The fierce battle between Mahishasura and the nine Goddesses was beautifully portrayed by the teachers. The melodious rendition of the song “Nav Durga” enhanced the piquancy of the act. Everyone present was mesmerized by the performance and the thunderous applause and the end of the programme said it all.

The Principal Ms. Mahua Das Gupta applauded the effort of teachers and children for the eye-catching performance