Class Presentation (Pre Nursery & Nursery)

“Children learn as they play. Most importantly children learn how to learn.” 

When children come home from school , the question they are asked is ‘what did you do today?’, and the answer they give is ‘nothing’. This ‘nothing’ is what the class presentaion aims at showing the parents. 

Today 5th October 2018 was a day of apprehension and nervous excitement for the pre-nurserians and the nurserians of the school as they were about to showcase their talent on the stage for the first time in their life. 

The parents and the grand parents of the tiny tots arrived at the venue well in time. They were ushered towards the seating area by class one students with greetings and a happy smile. As they were seated they were shown a power point presentation about the activities of a typical school time of the little ones. 

The class teacher extended a warm welcome to the audience and invited the Headmistress to say a few words. The Headmistress expressed her happiness at the turnout of the parents as it was a working day for most of them and requested the audience to encourage the children by applauding the efforts of the little buds. 

The most awaited moment of the day came as the stalwarts of the day came on the stage. The speakers welcomed the viewers with greeting of the day and an innocent and charming smile. The event commenced with a Guru Vandana by the children as a mark of respect to their teachers. There after the students introduced the theme of the class presentation ‘The daily routine’. The stage came alive with a riot of colours when the little ones presented the phonic drill. Through this drill they showed their parents how they learn the letters and words related to a specific letter. The petite youngsters presented a scene from their assembly by sing the foot tapping song ‘Out in the garden……’, the well-coordinated actions were highly appreciated by the audience. Next came the rhyme ‘once I caught a fish alive’ through which they showed how numbers can become an interesting study. The replay of how the children learnt Hindi was done through the Swar Geet. The representation of art and craft period was done through yet another foot tapping song. The presentation ended with an all-time favourite song of the children ’Bumchiki chikibum…’ wherein the parents also joined in by clapping on the rhythm of the song. In the end the little ones invited the Principal to extend a vote of thanks. The Principal Ms. Mahua Das Gupta thanked the parents for taking out time to come and witness the first ever presentation on stage by the tiny tots. She congratulated the children and the teachers for their wonderful effort for presenting such a scintillating show. She congratulated the parents for their relentless cooperation. In the end she invited parents to share their views about the programme. On her invitation few parents thanked the teachers and the school management for giving a stage for nurturing the talents of one so young