Skylark, Annual Sports Meet 2018

SKYLARK, Annual Sports Meet 2018

"Sports is friendship, Sport is health, Sport is Education,

Sports is life, Sports brings the whole World Together"

The Tribhuvan School, Patna glorifying the cutting edge of victory, organized Annual sports meet SKYLARK 2018 on 26 December filled with ardour and excitement aiming at imparting lessons on sportsman spirit and camaraderie to children at the Pataliputra Sports Complex grounds upholding this aspect of sporting events. Though it was a month long schedule during which preliminary of different races and other athletic events were conducted and shortlisted for the final round to be conducted on the Sports Day. Finally the long awaited day was commenced with epitome of energy, colour and style.

The arrival of the Chief Guest, Mr. Arvind Pandey IPS, DG State Sports Authority, Bihar and other dignitaries marked the commencement of the programme. The guests were given a floral welcome by Mrs. Mahua Das Gupta, the principal Tribhuvan School. The programme began on a high note with a well-orchestrated Opening Ceremony that mesmerized the audience compelling them toreflect on the theme A call for Global Unison 'and stressing upon the importance of a call for integrity and unity in our society today globally. God's blessings were invoked with the opening prayer followed by the Lighting of the Cauldron.

Next on schedule, the School March Past began. Leading the school was the Head boy, Ritu Raj followed by Head girl, Ruchika Jamaur. The Red house was led by Akansha, the blue house by Prapti Mohanty, the yellow house by Harshwardhan and at lastly the green house was led by Amritanshu each captain carrying the house flag and moving to the beats.

Mrs. Mahua Das Gupta, the Principal, welcomed the guests and gathering formally and said a few but valuable words to encourage the students and grow with sportsman spirit emphasizing the theme".

The gathering was then addressed by the chief guest and released balloons signaling the start of the Sports Meet and the meet was officially declared open . After the inspection of the four houses Red ,Blue, Yellow and Green houses by the Chief Guest, the Oath Taking Ceremony followed. The oath was administered by Rahul Sinha, the Sports Captain and the students solemnly pledged to uphold the spirit of true sportsmanship.

Then was staged the thematic mass P.T. Angels of Sustainable Development' by the children of Class Prep to grade 2 dazzling the audience with their performance. It was a treat for the eyes as this colourful performance gave a glimpse of the wonderful world beneath the surface, so beautifully displayed by the zestful innocence of the kids. Showing their love for fantasy, the boys of Class 3 to 5 performed their Gotipura Drill that featured to recreate the magical influence.

This was followed by the track and field events; 50 m boys, 50 m girls, 100 m boys ,100 m girls for sub juniors, juniors and seniors.

Following this was the Mass P.T. titled "Martial arts through ages", which is for physic

fitness performing to groovy melodies, the boys and girls of 8&9 helped to know more about physical achieved long long ago thereby making it seem educational.

Subsequently, the students of 6&7 left the audience awe struck with their dazzling Mass P.T

Buchae Chum - Korean fan Dance'. With their shining dresses and young energy, they captivated the audience leaving them smiling and waiting with enthusiasm for the next event.

Following immediately thereafter, the slow Cycle Race ensued. It is all about balance, focus and willpower, which takes their strength and courage, as was shown by the athletes, thus giving testimony to their fighting spirit.

It was a delight to see the excitement with which children challenged themselves to attempt variety of races such sack race and three legged race etc.

The games, shopping Spree Race and Tug of war, organized for the parents, separately for mothers and fathers respectively saw an impressive participation.

The Tug-O-War is an event which revolves around sheer strength and the co-ordination of the teams. It had the entire audience enthralled engaging their muscular strength to the fullest.

Then all the boys and girls of the Tribhuvan school dominated the show with the grand finale . This brought the experience of real-life with the energy on the field. No doubt the electrifying performance left the audience spellbound.

The young achievers were awarded with the medals Gold, Silver and Bronze by the chief guest, who highly appreciated each sports star and applauded the visionary element of the school which nurture and develops their potential in the sports field . Green House walked away with the overall champion ship trophy and Prashant Kumar of class XI C bagged the best athlete Trophy.

In his concluding speech, the Chief Guest praised the endeavours of the school. He highlighted the necessity of sportsmanship in a world riddled with rat races for glory. The Principal also thanked parents for their support and encouragement that lent charm to the event.

At the end of the programme, the Vote of Thanks was proposed by Ms. Swati Swaroop, the junior wing coordinator,. This was followed by the singing of the National Anthem. To conclude one of the most spectacular events of the year, Mrs. Gupta sounded the Beating of the Retreat, and the gathering dispersed after witnessing a closing ceremony that would give people reasons to return for the Annual Sports Day the next year as well, with an electrifying laser show.

The Tribhuvanites thus brought the echoes of reverberating the cheers playing the game in its true spirit when they had their ANNUAL SPORTS MEET SKYLARK 2018 held triumphally at Patliputra Sports complex.