Gandhi Sesquicentennial Celebration

Sahodaya Patliputra Complex, Patna

Gandhi Sesquicentennial Celebration Hindi Elocution Competition


An Inter School Hindi Elocution Competition was arranged by the school on 17th October, 2019 in the school basement hall. Including our school a total member of 14 schools participated. Each school sent two speakers along with an escort teacher. The speakers had to give a speech on Gandhi and Partition. It included students of Grade 9-12. The candidates had to get themselves registered till 08:30 a.m. and they had to pick up their code number from a bowl would be their order in which they would speak. The program began at 09:30 a.m. with the lighting of the lamp.

The judges and the guest of honour were presented with a token of gratitude by the school principal Mrs. Mahua Das Gupta.


The judges for the competition were Dr. Jyotsna Mishra, Prof. of Sanskrit in government Sanskrit College, Hajipur Patna and Anchit Pandey asst. guest professor Patna University, faculty NIFT Patna. The guest of Honour was K.C Bajpayee H.O.D, B.I.T, Patna, creative arts.


The program began with a beautiful melodious song by the school choir "Aao Hum Sab Haath Milaye". This was followed by a great start with the first speaker's bold and strong presentation of her speech on the subject. The rules were announced by the incharge teacher Ms. Sampada Pandey. Each speaker had to speak for 3 minute and after every 2½ min, there would be a warning bell. The speech delivery could be in prose or poetry style. Some speakers even combined poetic style with the prose making the competition too tough to judge.


The views on Gandhi and Partition was so finely elaborated by the speakers that it enlightened the minds of all present there. We had made class 9th students become the audience to listen to the speakers of different schools of Patna. Many aspects of partition came up which was an eye opener for all.


After all the 23 speakers had their turn, we called the dance troupe to perform on "Vaishnav Janto" Song. The guest of honour and the judges were asked to say a few words before the announcement of the result. The Principal announced the result of the competition. Senior wing Co-ordinator Babita Vatsragi gave the vote of thanks followed by the national anthem.

Winners Name of students Name of School
1st Kumar Karthik Birla Open Minds K. Bagh
2nd Kshitij Mayank St. Karen's High School
  Trishti Archika Radiant International School
3rd Vaishnavi Singh The Tribhuvan School